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Our Process

Our simple four-step design process engages builder and client in all phases, allowing the transformation of vision into reality.

1. The interview

The first phase of the overall design process is the interview. We encourage the client to share their vision with us. Size of rooms, how the rooms relate to one another, special furniture or art work to be accommodated, the future residents' lifestyle and entertainment habits, and evaluation of the client's property are items to consider.

2. The preliminary sketch

This step involves preparing preliminary drawings drawn to scale. We are usually able to come up with an initial design that represents more than 80 percent of what the client envisions. We fine-tune these preliminary drawings with client's comments.

3. Working drawings

In this step, production drawings are created which include exterior elevations, electrical plans, interior details, cross-sections through the house, foundation outline, roof plan, and detailed floor plans.

4. Review and feedback

Plans are reviewed, any changes/corrections are made and final architectural plans are drawn up.