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How to add space to your home without enlarging it

Other than building additional rooms or enlarging current ones, you can’t really add space, but you can give the appearance and feel of more square footage by remodeling to create an open-concept space. Small rooms can seem extremely small when closed in by walls that separate living spaces. But, open the rooms up by taking out walls and you have a space that gives the appearance and feel of being comfortably open and spacious. Additionally, when you open up rooms to each other, you can see out windows and doors from all directions, giving a sense of the space moving outdoors and an even greater sense of spaciousness.

The usual way of creating a large space is by eliminating walls between kitchens, living rooms (or family rooms), and dining rooms. That doesn’t eliminate each of these room’s functions, but it does combine them all into one large great room. This allows for a sunny, large room with light coming in from all directions and the feeling of openness.

Other advantages to open-concept living are that when entertaining, the hostess and host can feel a part of the company, not like the help hiding in the kitchen. Another advantage comes from being able to see throughout the whole area and keep track of the children and what they are up to. But, knowing how to break the space up so that it works well calls for professional help.


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