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Trending—Parents want open-concept spaces in their homes.

Have you watched any of the TV shows where homes are remodeled or sometimes rebuilt? If so, you may remember what one of the greatest complaints about their older homes the homeowners make—that’s that they can’t see the kids playing while they’re working in the kitchen.

What the architects and designers do to create the new space is to create a great room by tearing down walls between dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Sometimes they add the family room into the mix. The object is to have one big, open space that serves multiple uses—places for kid to study and to play in the sight of parents, places to entertain family and friends while working in the kitchen, places to relax and enjoy the openness and connection with nature they can see through large windows that add to the beauty of the open-concept space.

The open-concept home, the latest rage, is the plan currently being used throughout the country. It’s the plan that creates useful, convenient living spaces—the one most families want. It’s a way to keep track of what the kids are up to, including on the computer. Having it all in one big great room makes for a peaceful experience for parents, rather than frantically worrying about what the kids are up to. But, knowing how to break the space up so that it works well calls for professional help.


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